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Name: Michael
Country: Date: Wed Mar 14 04:38:59 2007
Comment: Man, what a blast it is to see this site! I am a proud owner of an original Sky Heroes EP. I remember talking with them after a gig (I think it was the old Ratskeller in Kenmore Square but I could be wrong). I told them how much I was looking forward to their album and they said wait a few more months. Well, 10 years later, I finally get the 'new' album! My then wife-to-be (married 7 years now, 3 year old boy, another on the way in September) took me to see the Sky Heroes on our second date and we went to see them every chance we got after that. In 98 we moved to Seattle and kept checking the local music scene to see if they were to ever come out here on tour. But they didn't. The Sky Heroes were such a big part of my relationship with my wife and just such an awesome band anyways. I am glad there are other people out there who remember them as fondly as we do. I am still holding on to the hope that they get back together. If any old Sky Heroes fans out there want to contact me definately feel free to. Rock on.
Name: Elizabeth
Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 21 6:27:51 2004
Comment: NICE JOB, STEVE!!!! this is a great site; love the MP3s - love the pictures! thank you very much!!
Name: marina III (Homepage)
Country: usa brotha! nj Date: Wed Mar 10 16:34:43 2004
Comment: first of all i gotta say if they do reunite, i pray american hi-fi isn't sacrificed(my favorite band, see?). next of all, haha...ya. i do admire your site, sir. ya, i heard about the band but never found more than the ep being sold on ebay. i hadn't heard any of the stuff yet, so i wasn't going to buyu, yes, buyu it. haha. and i can't forget to mention that jamie looks as sexy as ever. i know, it's not a related topic...*** off. he jut does. but, ah, where are those mp3's, budday? mmmm? ok
Name: MC
Country: Date: Tue Feb 17 23:21:01 2004
Comment: Excellent site and even better band... I look forward to the photos!
Name: Elizabeth
Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 4 03:47:45 2003
Comment: Thank you! this webs site is great; Sky Heroes have needed a web site for some time. I wonder if there could ever be a reunion??
Name: Michael
Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 15 18:50:10 2003
Comment: Hey, just stumbled on the page. The Sky Heroes were one of my favorite local bands when I lived in Boston. My wife took me to one of their shows when we were first dating and we went to see them every chance we could after that. Unbelievably talented. I always figured they would make it big and still think they could!!! I rememeber talking to a couple of the guys in the band at a place, I think it was called The Rat Cellar in the kenmore square area. They said they had recorded a full leng
Name: sophiehood1
Country: England Date: Wed Sep 17 23:19:12 2003
Comment: hi im sophie, i heard of you from the hifi message board. it said jamie and brian used to be in the band.

Whats all that about automated spam by the way?
Name: Daria (Homepage)
Country: Australia Date: Wed Sep 10 15:02:06 2003
Comment: Wow! Finally, I have stumbled accross a web page about the Sky Heroes. I have always heard a heap about them but never actually knew anything about them. I'm a fan of American Hi-Fi, Fig Dish etc.. so naturally, I was curious about them. Thanks for killing my curiousity. Keep updating, I'm hungry for more mp3s.
Name: paul w (Homepage)
Country: ma Date: Wed Aug 20 05:44:23 2003
Comment: needed this site for a long time, please put more mp3's up to download!!

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