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I first became aware of the existence of the Sky Heroes in November 1996 when I attended a release party at TT The Bears for the "Safe And Sound" benefit CD. The benefit was headlined by Kay Hanley And Michael Eisenstein then of Letters to Cleo. Kay & Mike included in their set the Sky Heroes song "Shirt of Flame". A little less than two weeks later, I was witnessing the Sky Heroes for myself when they opened for Tanya Donelly at the Paradise Rock Club. I was totally blown away by their performance, and I promised myself that I would not miss any future Sky Heroes shows if at all possible. I saw them five times in 1997. However, at some point in 1997, Brian Nolan left the group to join Fig Dish. Brian Dunn, Jamie Arentzen and I attended many of the same shows by all the great local bands playing in Boston at that time. Every time I saw either of them I had two questions: "When are you guys going to do another show", and "when are you going to release your album." They were in search of a new drummer to replace Brian Nolan. Brian eventually came back to the band for a few more shows and recordings beginning late in 1997. They had a record deal with Fort Apache/MCA that fell through and the album never made it into record stores. Sky Heroes performed together a few more times into 1998. After bugging Jamie for a copy of their album, he finally relented and gave me a cassette copy of the final album mixes and a few demos they had been working on during the winter of 1997. Sky Heroes eventually disintegrated when Jamie & Brian Nolan joined Stacy Jones' new project BMX Girl. They eventually changed their name to American Hi-Fi. Brian Dunn resurfaced a few years later in a band called The Clairvoyants and they released an album in 2001. I'm not sure what Dudley Wyman is up to these days. In the summer of 2003 I saw Jamie for the first time since the success of American Hi-Fi. When I told him that I wanted to put together a Sky Heroes website, he thought it was a great idea.

Steve Latham

Sky Heroes

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